This Summer – whether you’re swimming or sunning – I’ve got what you need to keep your color fresh!

When you’re out in the sun you’ll want to protect your color from fading. I recommend Olaplex 3. Put it on your hair at least once a week to keep your color protected. After your treatment at the Salon, take more Olaplex with you to use at home.

If you’ll be swimming, use the fun little treatment packets from Malibu. They’re easy to pack, and they brighten up your blonde to keep it from dulling out. It’s also great to keep your hair from turning green from chlorine.Always use color safe shampoos and conditioners. One of my favorite brands is Inoar. If your hair tends to frizz straight or curly, the Botto treatment by Inoar is amazing. When I have it in my hair, I can really feel the difference. The collagen anti-frizz action works perfectly, and after the treatment you still have your curl.

Finally, don’t forget you can always refresh your highlights in between services with a gloss to keep your hair shinny and healthy through the summer season.

You’ll find all of these products on my website. Come visit and look around!