If you understand a few key points, you can make sure you’ll always have flawless hair color.

First, get a great picture!  If you’re looking on Google and you see the perfect shade you want, take a screen shot and get ready to make your appointments!




Next, look closely at the picture.  Notice that the hidden secret to the Balayage highlight is the perfect cut.  The cut is the foundation for the perfect Balayage.  Often, when my clients show me their Pinterest picture, they’re just looking at the color – but when I ask them to look deeper, they see how the cut and style compliment the hair color.  The two work side by side.

When I moved to a new salon, I had to find a stylist who could build the perfect foundation for color – and that stylist is Guillaume Massol.  I accent his cut, while he monitors the length of the hair and creates layers that give the hair movement.  






When you add Balayage to the wave, you have a truly beautiful, flowing effect. When you style it straight, you have no line of demarcation.  When we cut for Balayage, we never take out too much weight or make the ends too thin.  If the ends are cut too much, the highlights will not show.  If your hair is all one length across, the hair will not move and the color will just lay flat.  

IMG_5100 (1)


If you have colored hair, but you’re a first-time Balayage client, you’ll need to make at least a three visit commitment.  That way you and your Balayage expert can see how your hair changes tone and shape, and how your hair cut grows out naturally as it gets longer.  This is especially true if you have more than one color. 






If you have virgin hair, that’s a whole ‘nuther story!   Your first experience with Balayage and a beautiful style is always the best salon experience you’ve ever had.   So, my best tip for you is to come and see me – and Guillaume – at Prive by Laurent D . We’re also in Miami at Creato Hair Design.  Pay attention to a few key details, and you’ll always enjoy the beauty of Balayage.