Balayage is About Placement and Vision

Balayage Technique “Sex and the City “


Balayage Technique “Sex in the City



Less is more when it comes to Balayage highlights, because Balayage mimics the sun – and lets face it, the sun does not highlight you evenly! The fewer highlights you have painted in, the more natural your highlights look . The Balayage Artist works to give you bright pieces just where you need them: Around your hairline, in your pony tail and on your tips. An added advantage is that you have a low maintenance routine. You’ll need to touch-up your natural look just four times a year with routine glosses.

What I’ve learned – and my best advice – is the less I paint the more you’ll love your highlights. Placement and vision are the key to great Balayage color. Thats why you pay the artist.