Enroll in Balayage Classes to Discover Breakthrough Methods & Techniques.

The shocking truth about becoming a first rate balayage colorist is continuing to enhance your skills on a consistent basis.  Anyone can acquire a little training and profess that they’re an expert.  True balayage professionals take pride in the ongoing education and mentorship that comes with being superior in their space.

Michele Fury understands this concept and is here for anyone that is passionate enough to seek the methods that will advance a person’s proficiency in balayage hair coloring.  Mentors and teachers are a crucial factor in one’s success no matter what vocation they decide to indulge in.  There are no shortcuts to mastering the art of balayage, only excellent work ethic, highly experienced instructors, and determination.  This will set you apart from the competition.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to learn the creative flare that Michele possesses then the ball is in your court.  The first step to obtaining these abilities is to take action.  Contact us either through email or phone.  Michele loves working with people that share the same drive and passion she has for learning the balayage technique.  To book a class today, CLICK HERE.