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Fall Hair Color Trends – What’s Hot 2017




                                      Fall Hair Color Trends  – What’s Hot 2017


Fall Hair Color – What’s Hot in 2017For brunettes, The hot talk is peek-a-boo blonde highlights and baby-lights in Balayage. That’s how my team describes color trends this time of year. I suggest toning down the blonde from Summer and transitioning to Fall by leaving just a hint of blonde on your ends like Chrissy Tiegen.

For blondes, face framing trends remain the hot topic – like Lauren Conard’s stunning look. Less is definitely more. Rooty blonde is still in for Fall (you’ll see Hailey Baldwin showing her roots). Platinum blonde is always striking, and is staying strong.

Reds are as spicy as ever (think Jessica Chastain), and the color compliments fair skinned women.

Remember – always use color safe shampoos, and come to see me to refresh your look for the new season.

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Balayage is About Placement and Vision


Balayage is About Placement and Vision

Balayage Technique “Sex and the City “


Balayage Technique “Sex in the City



Less is more when it comes to Balayage highlights, because Balayage mimics the sun – and lets face it, the sun does not highlight you evenly! The fewer highlights you have painted in, the more natural your highlights look . The Balayage Artist works to give you bright pieces just where you need them: Around your hairline, in your pony tail and on your tips. An added advantage is that you have a low maintenance routine. You’ll need to touch-up your natural look just four times a year with routine glosses.

What I’ve learned – and my best advice – is the less I paint the more you’ll love your highlights. Placement and vision are the key to great Balayage color. Thats why you pay the artist.


This Summer – whether you’re swimming or sunning – I’ve got what you need to keep your color fresh!

This Summer – whether you’re swimming or sunning – I’ve got what you need to keep your color fresh!

When you’re out in the sun you’ll want to protect your color from fading. I recommend Olaplex 3. Put it on your hair at least once a week to keep your color protected. After your treatment at the Salon, take more Olaplex with you to use at home.

If you’ll be swimming, use the fun little treatment packets from Malibu. They’re easy to pack, and they brighten up your blonde to keep it from dulling out. It’s also great to keep your hair from turning green from chlorine.Always use color safe shampoos and conditioners. One of my favorite brands is Inoar. If your hair tends to frizz straight or curly, the Botto treatment by Inoar is amazing. When I have it in my hair, I can really feel the difference. The collagen anti-frizz action works perfectly, and after the treatment you still have your curl.

Finally, don’t forget you can always refresh your highlights in between services with a gloss to keep your hair shinny and healthy through the summer season.

You’ll find all of these products on my website. Come visit and look around!

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Prevent Brassy Hair This Summer

While you’re enjoying long Summer weekends, don’t forget about your hair color. Color is a major investment, and you want to keep your hair looking great while you’re having fun.

Iron, copper and chlorine discolor hair and damage the cuticle and the protein, which makes your hair feel gummy . Minerals also tend to change the color of your hair and turn your beautiful locks brassy .

I suggest Malibu Blond Wellness Treatment Packets. You feel the results happen instantaneously! Then follow up with a nourishing Inoar Speed blond shampoo and Absolute Day Moist .

Come see me in the Summer months to refresh your highlights with a gloss: $85.00-$150.00 will brighten-up your look. Have fun and stay beautiful.

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No More Yellow Brassy Hair


No More Yellow, Brassy Hair! Get Ready For Summer.

Purple shampoo helps maintain your blonde and really keeps the red under control! The very best purple shampoo I’ve found is INOAR Absolut. I stumbled across it in Miami, and I was impressed on the first use. INOAR shampoo and conditioner restore tones in blonde and grey hair without ever making your hair look purple.

I recommend you use them once weekly in the Summer to keep your highlights looking fresh, and your blonde sunny. At $32, The duo set is a great Summer investment. It’s my favorite!

You can find INOAR Absolut on

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How to Maintain Healthy Color

How to Maintain Healthy Color

When I meet a client for the first time I take a look at their inspirational pictures, then I look at their cut and call my stylist over to consult. French stylist Guillaume M is a master, and 90 percent of the time he shapes the hair so the Balayage will lay correctly and give your hair dimension and movement.

Your first visit with me should be for a great cut and Balayage color.

Your second visit, after 8-10 weeks, should be for a cut and a gloss to refresh your highlights.

Your third visit, at 20 weeks, should be for a cut and a touch-up of your highlights.

If you use your Prive salon color shampoos to Maintain your color in between services, you’ll have the very best results.

Spring is here! Treat yourself to beautiful hair and a proven track for exceptional results.


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Come Check Out How Prive By Laurent D Works


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