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We’re going to make the assumption that you are looking for a colorist who uses innovative techniques that leave your precious hair gleaming with confidence, or you are a cosmologist who wants to lift your skills and income to the next level. Whichever category you fit into, Michele Fury is here to assist. Michele continues to provide immense value to the cosmetology industry, and she is not slowing down anytime soon.

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Who Is Michele Fury Of NYC?

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Michele Fury is a leading New York City balayage specialist whose hair color designs range from sun-kissed brunettes to perky blondes. Recently, she’s received a lot of great press for the “blonde” look she creates and for her ombre and sombre effects. Michele embraces a natural approach to color that’s fun, sexy, and sophisticated. With eighteen years of experience, she is also a definitive expert in hair color correction. Her skill has attracted the attention of the very best in the industry.

Michele began her journey with balayage in Paris, France.  There she learned the techniques that are the foundation of her remarkable career. Michele spent years as an educator herself and for over six years she was a product specialist for L’Oreal

Michele is currently a Senior Colorist at Samuel Sherqui  in  New York. She also consults for numerous media campaigns and has private clients including such celebrities as Olivia Palermo, Sigourney Weaver, and Jane Fonda. Sheis is known for her warm nature and her gentle way of pampering clients.

Michele also brings her revolutionary balayage technique to the beautiful Dominican Republic. She started this new adventure in 2014 when she was invited by clients to come to the DR and work with several friends at a local hair salon.  When she arrived, there were fifteen girls waiting patiently for Michele to work her magic.  It was no surprise that all of them loved the result!

On her next visit, she introduced  a  stylist  to her team. “Team New York,” as they call themselves, are making a splash in the islands.

Working on hair in the Dominican Republic can be challenging. Hard water can sometimes build up in clients’ hair, making the application of color extremely difficult.

Michele and her team have had great success introducing their clients to Malibu C Hard Water Wellness treatments.

Michele was also one of the first to bring Olaplex to the DR.  Olaplex has a miraculous way of lifting dark hair light, leaving it in great condition. The team’s other favorite products

The team’s other favorite products are:  Joico Cream and Pravana Pure Light for lightening, Joico Base Breaker, and Redken Color Gels for glazing. Michele and her team love making their clients in Santo Domingo look beautiful.

They feel the key to their success is gaining the trust of each client.

The treatments, color, cuts and styles that they bring are “works of art” according to their hosts. After the marathon of working long hours and going the extra mile for their Dominican clients, the New York team kicks back, put their feet up, and enjoys a well-deserved chinola margarita.  They sigh, look out at the ocean and say “It’s so beautiful here.” What’s next? Michele and her team have now ventured to Miami. There’s a world of ladies out there craving blonde and balayage.


Michele did an amazing job on my ombré and highlights!
I absolutely love it and will definitely be returning to her!
Jennifer Basciano
Five Stars
Finding a colorist who is good with blondes is challenging. At last, I found Michelle.
I love my highlights! She does such an amazing job!
Loren Bassett
Five Stars

Balayage Specialist - Michele Fury

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